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“Supply chain has since become a boardroom priority for many companies. This has triggered a new wave of technology investment focusing on building supply chain intelligence, resilience and agility to better respond to events, risks and opportunities.” – says Matthew Burton, Supply Chain & Operations Leader, EY EMEIA, as reported in Supply Chain Digital

With the pace of digital transformation accelerating for nearly every organisation, “technology is more strategically important than ever before for businesses,” adds Steve Davenport, Global Technology Lead for Supply Chain & Operations at Accenture.

“In fact, our research shows that 64% of supply chain executives report the pace of digital transformation for their organisation is accelerating. As a result of the rapid digital transformation, we’ve seen growing investments in data, AI and digital twin technologies to power supply chains.

Focus on Technology in 2022

“Moving into 2022, we expect to see companies move from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’, with priorities moving away from managing risk and disruption and towards exploiting future growth. To accelerate this growth, innovation and investment will target winning in the market with new products, service offerings and consumption models,” Burton continues.

“This will require digital technology to build new capability around (1) designing for consumer perceived value (both product and experience), (2) driving scale and efficiency through new distribution models including direct to consumer, click and collect and subscription, and (3) harnessing the power of the full supply chain ecosystem by improving interconnectivity across customers, partners and suppliers.”

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