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Long Term Storage

Astute Electronics is the global parts procurement specialist of choice, for clients whose need for supply consistency is essential.

We can:

  • Buy on behalf of a customer
  • Perform sample testing
  • Release the products on an agreed schedule, part of kits or a Kanban line-side feed

With Astute’s on-site test lab and inspection methodology certified to AS6081, we can:

  • Undertake initial inspection of electronics
  • Perform periodic watchdog checking – with prior consent we can test a sample for a customer’s total inventory and report back any changes

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17 X-Treme XT line smart nitrogen series auto dry cabinets offering protection for thousands of components

Astute offers a more integrated, traceable approach to long-term storage.

Total environmental protection

  • Fully enclosed cabinet room isolated from the rest of the building against environmental changes or damage
  • Cabinets provide 23,750 litres of dry temperature controlled storage conditions preventing corrosion of vulnerable products
  • In-house nitrogen generation plant and back-up generator
  • Static discharge controlled and neutralized by air ionization within the cabinet room; totally isolated from areas of higher relative humidity

Total protection from unauthorised access

  • Data-guarded and access controlled
  • Each cabinet passcode locked with solenoid, electric locks
  • Full security reporting of the environmental control history per cabinet

AS9120 certified distributor

  • In-house electronic component testing
  • Dedicated logistics department
  • Modern warehousing
  • Nearly three decades of dealing with obsolescence issues and procuring parts on the global market

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