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Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for Nicomatic, manufacturer of innovative micro connectors and switching products for harsh environments.
With full in-house design and manufacturing, Nicomatic offer high-reliability connectors with extreme modularity at best-in-class lead times. Nicomatic has achieved ISO 9001:2008 and EN9100:2009 certification.
Among their products are the widely-established CMM Interconnect System and DMM Interconnect System.
In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.
CMM Interconnect
This system is a 2mm pitch connector with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions. This board-to-board, board-to-wire and wire-to-wire interconnect system benefits from the option of a mixed layout, giving the designer a choice of high frequency up to 6 GHz, high power up to 20 Amps, and low-frequency contact configurations. 20 million standard arrangements are available in a short lead-time.
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-DTL55302F
  • Modular system allowing signal, high power and high frequency in the same connector
  • High temperature, tested to 250°C for 1000 hours
  • Through hole, surface mount and press fit PCB termination
  • Integral stainless-steel locking mechanism or spring latching system offers security of interconnection
DMM Interconnect

DMM is a rugged, compact and shock resistant connector system. It is available in an all LF or mixed-layout configuration with high frequency and/or high-power contacts. DMM connectors offer a high-density 2mm pitch system which contributes to equipment miniaturization and weight saving.

Meets or exceeds MIL DTL 83513G (Micro-D standard)

Covers are mountable without modifying the front or rear panel and the philosophy of the system is to be modular with simple and universal concepts

  • Metal shield enables resistance to exterior factors such as electromagnetic interference (EMI-RFI: 360°) and grounding
  • Lower profile than the traditional Micro-D, higher density and small footprint
  • Removable crimp contacts for more flexibility
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 row versions up to 120 signal contacts

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Astute and Nicomatic

Nicomatic Ltd are pleased to partner with Astute Electronics. As one of the most respected suppliers in the Mil Aero market, we feel that Astute bring the right blend of customer relationship and technical knowledge to best represent Nicomatic products.

Phil McDavitt, UK Sales Manager, Nicomatic


Key products

  • CMM
  • DMM
Astute – your technical partner for Nicomatic.
Nicomatic distributor

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