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Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA

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Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised UK and Ireland distributor and design-in partner for Greenliant – a global manufacturer of highreliability solid state storage and memory products for embedded systems.

Greenliant specialises in embedded solid state storage for Hi-Rel Mil/Aero, defence, aviation, transportation, industrial automation, medical, and test & measurement with products designed for long-term systems to reduce obsolescence and costly redesigns.

Greenliant has gained a reputation as a leading supplier of high-reliability, high-endurance embedded SSDs since it spun off from Silicon Storage Technology (SST) in 2010.

Astute Electronics – Technical Partner for Greenliant 

Astute Electronics is key design-in partner for Greenliant, advising customers on how to incorporate Greenliant components within new designs and providing technical advice direct from the manufacturer. Astute offers global bespoke solutions across all market segments and across all sectors of the electronics industry and is a value-added partner for Greenliant.

    Astute are pleased to be offering Greenliant’s innovative products like the ArmourDrive™ removable solid-state drives (SSDs) and NANDrive™ ball grid array (BGA) SSDs with EnduroSLC™ Technology that offer a minimum endurance of 50K followed by 100K and unparalleled 250K+ endurance options, into the UK military and industrial markets for their ability to withstand extreme environments. Their Specialty Flash Memory is an equally interesting Hi-Rel product – offering reliability of greater than 100 years data retention

Kev Baker, Franchise Divisional Manager, Astute Electronics

Product Lines and Applications

  • Defence & Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Communications & Networking

  • Security

  • Video

These embedded SSDs combine Greenliant’s advanced NAND controllers with NAND flash die in a small, multi-chip package. Available in a wide range of capacities, NANDrive SSDs support full industrial temperatures in various industry-standard interfaces (eMMC, PATA, SATA).

Broad portfolio of industrial SSDs and memory cards in removable form factors (SATA / PCIe M.2 2242 / 2280, mSATA, 2.5”, U.2, CFast, CFexpress, SD / microSD). Available in TLC, MLC, SLC and a wide range of endurance specifications (up to 250K+ P/E cycles).

Enterprise SSDs
High-capacity Industrial Enterprise SSDs (SATA 2.5”, NVMe U.2) are ideal for primary storage applications that require ultra-high reliability with sustainable low-latency and high IOPS performance.

Specialty Flash Memory
Specialty NOR Flash Memory portfolio includes the Many-Time Programmable, SSF™ (Small-Sector Flash™) and CSF™ (Concurrent SuperFlash™) product families. These products provide high performance, superior reliability of greater than 100 years data retention.

EnduroSLC™ Technology
To address the most demanding longevity requirements, Greenliant offers EX Series ArmourDrive, NANDrive and Industrial Enterprise SSD product lines with EnduroSLC Technology. EnduroSLC enabled SSDs are ideal for write-intensive workloads and high temperature, high stress environments.


In addition to Greenliant’s range of standard, high-reliability products, Astute can provide technical advice to develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions in conjunction with Greenliant, bringing its expertise to solve storage system design challenges

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