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Adaptive Networks

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for Adaptive Networks.

Their unique products provide solutions for reliable network communications for control and monitoring in harsh industrial and commercial powerline environments. By enabling reliable communication across powerlines, Adaptive Networks solutions are providing new opportunities for communication over existing infrastructure, as well as reducing reliance on expensive communication media, bundling the communication capabilities within the powerlines required for the application.

Adaptive’s field-proven powerline products ensure successful deployment to solve your communications needs in the harsh powerline environment. Their IC and DSP-based solutions bring these benefits to high-volume applications. Their MV product line extends these benefits to medium voltage applications, including utilities, mines, and oil and gas.

With over 20 years of field-proven operation, their products are used for control and monitoring in utilities, factories, ships, mines, and subsea oil and gas where failure is not an option.

Reliable Performance
Developed to work in the most demanding industrial environments, their products have been designed to adapt to the ever-changing harsh conditions presented by the industrial powerline environment – frequency-dependent attenuation and impulsive noise.

Aided by the technical expertise of Astute Electronics, Adaptive’s products are designed for easy integration into your equipment. They offer solutions including modules and fully-assembled end products in weatherproof enclosures. Both inductive and capacitive couplers can be used to reliably couple to the powerlines, providing the flexibility to choose the best method for your application. External interfaces include both Ethernet and serial (RS-232, -422, and -485) standards.

Wide Area Control and Monitoring
Adaptive’s unique approach delivers control and monitoring over a wide area in the powerline environment. Network throughput over long distances is achieved by our powerline-optimized network modem technology combined with reliable powerline coupling technology. The foundation of our modem technology is adaptive equalization, permitting dynamic adaptation to the inherent inconsistencies of the powerline.

Featured Products

Astute and Adaptive Networks

As a technical distributor providing specialist support for sub-systems and components utilised in harsh environments, Astute is an ideal partner to further Adaptive Networks product deployment within the oil & gas, subsea, reefer and electric utility industries.

Michael Propp, Adaptive Networks


Key products

  • Robust performance – 24/7 real-time operation under the harshest conditions
  • Industrial solutions – designed for harsh industrial environments
  • Reliable MV coupling – inductive and capacitive medium voltage couplers
  • Industry acceptance – accepted as the solution of choice
  • Complete coverage – reaches all points in a wide area
  • Field-proven – over 20 years of field-proven operation in its fourth generation
Astute – your technical partner for Adaptive Networks.
Adaptive Networks distributor

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