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Avon Magnetics

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for Avon Magnetics, one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of transformers, inductors and associated forms of wound magnetic components.

From simple inductors to complex three phase transformers, Avon Magnetics has the technical expertise and manufacturing facility to offer a wide range of products for low to high technology applications including air cored coils to laminated variants, ferrites, amorphous cores, toroidal and Planar devices.

UK distributor for Avon Magnetics

They also have the ability to replicate any obsolete designs subject to sufficient mechanical and electrical details being available. The skilled workforce use microprocessor controlled winding equipment whenever possible, semi-automatic laminating machines plus numerous other more labour intensive machines to support the lower volume products. Products are varnish dipped, vacuum impregnated, enveloped or resin cast. They use conventional and computer controlled curing ovens. Automated test equipment is used whenever possible, a recent plant acquisition allows them to record test results in a database, reducing the test operatives time considerably. 

The manufacturing capability meets the needs of many demanding markets such as civil aerospace, military, medical, transportation, instrumentation, industrial, oil and gas and process control sectors; offering a full design and manufacturing service as well as a build-to-print assembly service.

In addition to their standard products, Astute can provide technical advice to develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.


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Astute and Avon Magnetics

Working with Astute Electronics is like working with an extension of our company. We both share the same beliefs with regard to product integrity, traceability and service levels. Astute make life easy and they’re straightforward people!

Bill Wickens, Avon Magnetics


Key products

  • Linear Power transformers, single and three phase
  • Switched Mode transformers and inductors
  • High Voltage and Pulse transformers
  • Audio & line matching transformers
  • Solenoids Current transformers
Astute – your technical partner for Avon Magnetics.
Avon Magnetics distributor

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