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OSI Laser Diode Inc

Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for OSI Laser Diode Inc, an OSI Systems company.

OSI Laser Diode manufacturers advanced optoelectronic products of the highest quality for a broad range of applications and industries. With 40 years experience, OSI Laser Diode’s dedicated team of optics, electronics and mechanical engineers deliver superior products from optoelectronic components to fully integrated sub-systems and modules.

By incorporating extensive in-house environmental, functional, and reliability testing and screening capabilities, they provide cost-effective solutions to meet the challenging demands of the defence and aerospace industry among others.

Engineers typically use OSI laser Inc’s products in aerospace & defence (missile systems, gyroscopes, simulation training and range-finding) and within OTDR lasers for the test and measurement market, medical and commercial sectors. Typical industrial applications for these products include underground/sub-sea sensing applications, radar detection and speed detection.

OSI Laser Diode’s state-of-the-art manufacturing, advanced product development and quality program, coupled to a continuous improvement ethos, assures their customers receive a product where quality and reliability are of paramount importance.

In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.

Featured Products

Astute and OSI Laser

OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), produces advanced optoelectronic products of the highest quality for a broad range of applications and industries such as aerospace, medical, communication and automotive. In addition to an extensive assortment of standard products, LDI has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years.

Mick Martin, Semiconductor Division Manager, Astute Electronics


Key products

  • Detectors, optical receiver modules
  • Emitters
  • High Power Pulsed Laser Modules
  • InGaAs Photodiode Modules
  • Airpak Transmitter and Receiver Modules
  • Enhanced sensitivity fibre-optic receivers
  • High power fibre coupled F-P laser diodes
  • …plus custom and OEM solutions
Astute – your technical partner for OSI Laser.
OSI Laser distributor

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