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Harding Energy

Astute Electronics is an authorized, franchised distributor and technical development partner for Harding Energy Inc, a designer and manufacturer of innovative custom battery and charger systems for a wide range of applications including portable medical equipment, handheld electronics, safety, security, construction and military equipment. 

With production capabilities exceeding 5,000,000 units per month, Harding Energy, Inc and their partners’ cell selection unrivaled; offering both primary and secondary technologies including alkaline, lithium, nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, lithium-ion-phosphate, charging systems and smart boards.

Key Products

  • Custom Battery Cells
  • Battery Packs
  • Chargers

Harding Energy’s extensive engineering team utilizes the latest tools in both mechanical and electronics to ensure the designs are in compliance with our customer and regulatory requirements. Harding optimizes reliability, safety, and manufacturability of your battery giving you the most cost effective and dependable solution. The engineering team provides CAD drawings and prototypes for alpha, beta, agency approvals, and pre-production development. Harding’s technical capabilities combined with Astute’s dedicated field application expertise promises seamless concept-design project support.

Harding now forms a key line within Astute Power & Semi division which is supported by a team of industry experts, for more information please Contact Us today!

Astute – your technical partner for Harding Energy.

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