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Military AC Changer (MAC) 3-Phase

SynQor’s Military AC Phase/Frequency Changer units will accept a 3-Phase AC input and change it to a well-conditioned Single-Phase AC output using a two-stage DC link isolated topology meeting a wide range of military standards.

Military AC Changer (MAC) 3-Phase

  • Sealed, weather-proof, shock-proof construction
  • 4000 W (5000 VA) output power
  • Full power operation: -40 °C to 55 °C
  • 3-Phase 400-480 Vrms line-to-line; 3-wire input
  • 47-65 Hz input range
  • Battle Mode for over-temperature events
  • 1U high rack mount
Military AC Changer (MAC) 3-Phase


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