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Plessey WARDEN™ driver alertness monitor

The WARDEN™ system uses an array of sensors to detect changes in electric potential in the human body. WARDEN™ senses the electrical impulses of the heart without direct skin contact and returns an accurate R peak signal from the users ECG, this in turn can be used to calculate heart rate variance (HRV). In the end application the EPIC™ sensor electrodes can be easily and discretely incorporated inside vehicle seatbacks to access the necessary biometric signals and provide earlier warning of drowsiness or health issues than systems based on eye or head movement. WARDEN™ can be used to provide an indication of the driver’s alertness, signalling to them when they need to stop and take a break. Plessey’s award winning EPIC™ sensor technology has been creating considerable interest with car manufacturers as it can be used to provide low cost, reliable detection systems for several automotive applications. Using EPIC™ (Electric Potential Integrated Circuit) sensing technology, Plessey has developed WARDEN™, a new heart-rate based driver alertness monitoring system.

Plessey WARDEN™ driver alertness monitor


  • WARDEN™ reads ECG signals without the need of skin contact
  • Capacitive sensor – input effectively a parallel plate capacitor. High input impedance and low input capacitance enable ECG signals to be measured capacitively

Settings and Features

  • Tailored for in-car performance
  • Power from 12 volt supply
  • Monitor connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Main screen shows key data
  • Custom algorithms used to identify R-peaks from noisy signals and calculate frequency domain HRV


  • Novel electrode design gives reliable signal quality in a moving vehicle
  • Electrodes built into a professionally designed seat cover with e-leather cover
  • Driven right leg (DRL) built into the main unit
  • All filtering and processing done locally in an electronics-pod housed in the rear seat.
Plessey WARDENu2122 driver alertness monitor Datasheet


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