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Home » Industry News » Supply chain woes continue to cost Apple & Nintendo billions

Apple CEO said the company has suffered “larger-than-expected supply constraints” which have cost Apple $6 billion in Q3, reports NikkeiAsia.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said last wee, “We estimate these constraints had around a $6 billion revenue dollar impact, driven primarily by industry-wide silicon shortages and COVID-related manufacturing disruptions.”

“But we believe that by the time we finish the [current] quarter, that the constraints will be larger than the 6 billion that we experienced” in the September quarter, the CEO added.

Despite this, Apple posted record September-quarter revenue of $83.4 billion, driven by sales of 5G iPhones, especially in the Chinese-speaking world.

Meanwhile, Nintendo had to make 20% fewer Switch consoles due to chip crunch. The production was revised down to 24 million units for fiscal 2021 despite high demand.

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