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UnVerified Electronic Components (UVECs) and corresponding illegal trade rose from $461 billion to $509 billion between 2017 and 2019, amounting to as much as 3.3% of the world trade of intellectual property, according to a new research paper.

The article, which proposes the use of thermography to detect counterfiet, says that unverified or counterfeited electronic components pose a big threat globally because they could lead to malfunction of safety-critical systems and reduced reliability of high-hazard assets.

“Without a doubt, those unverified components from untraceable sources are industrial unqualified and can lead to unstable and unreliable operational performance, causing unpredictable system malfunctioning and failure, operators’ injuries and catastrophic economic loss in manufacturing, transport, aviation, power generation, and cybersecurity every year.

“Therefore, developing a reliable inspection technique is strongly demanded to equip and enhance the current capabilities of not just the asset owners but also the stakeholders in the entire value chain. ” 

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